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The Dogville Shorts (Turner Classic Movies) — So, TCM occasionally has guest programmers decide which old movies they show. This month’s guest programmer is Neko Case, and along with her movie picks she’s choosing to air some of the awesome Depression-era Dogville shorts. Above is part 1 of College Hounds (part 2 here), but my favorite is probably All Quiet on the Canine Front. I could spend HOURS just pulling screen caps from these. Dogs in clothes, man. Dogs in clothes.

Teen Mom (MTV) — Series premiere. A follow-up to “16 & Pregnant.” If some of the people in the trailer don’t feel familiar to you, congratulations: you didn’t go to public high school in southern Illinois.

Better Off Ted (ABC) — Season 2 premiere. I’m a fan, but ABC is determined to make sure this never gets a fair shake. Why it isn’t part of the network’s comedy schedule — especially with the cancellation of “Hank” — is a complete mystery. Bonus crappiness: apparently this season gets off to a mediocre start.

Scare Tactics (Syfy) — Season finale. It’s strange that I don’t pay more attention to this show. I mean, it’s Tracy Morgan. Why am I not watching? Oh, right: it’s on when I meet with my probation officer.

Biggest Loser (NBC) — Two-hour Season 8 finale, show live. I sure hope this show sticks around. Those girls on “Teen Mom” are gonna need to lose 150 pounds in about ten years.

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