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CSI (CBS) — It’s a special episode about sci-fi geeks who go to an “Astro Quest” convention (see video).  Looks like it might be a little better than the usual disposable episode where you forget what happened 15 minutes after you get done watching it.  Much more on all the dork sweat that went into making tonight’s show here.

NBC’s comedies (NBC) — If I don’t mention that “The Office” and “30 Rock” are on, someone’s going to say, “Hurrr you forgot The Office.”  No I didn’t.  It’s on every f-cking Thursday.  I’m trying to mix things up here.

Southland (NBC) — I found this to be really pretty good last week — a solid new cop drama.  Unlike “The Unusuals,” which bored the hell out of me last night.  It was supposed to be like the “Sabotage” video!

The Beast (A&E) — Starring Patrick Swayze, before he looked like this.  Aw crap.  No I have to go re-watch Roadhouse just to remember him the right way again.

Appalachia: A History of Mountains and People (PBS) — A full hour of moonshine and inbreeding.  Which, ironically, is how you were conceived.

Bridget’s Sexiest Beaches (Travel) — In this episode, Bridget explores the Spain’s Mediterranean coastline.  How’d she get this job?  She’s good-looking and took her clothes off for money.  Meanwhile, you went to college and are good at making Excel spreadsheets.  Life is great.  Couldn’t be better.

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