What’s On Tonight: Flo Rida and Serial Killers

Senior Pop Culture Editor
12.05.11 5 Comments

The Sing-Off (NBC) — Contestants from throughout “The Sing-Off”‘s three seasons return to croon their favorite holiday songs. Flo Rida guest stars to sing “Give the Jew Girl Toys.” Probably. (Thank you to Nadia for the merriment-addition above.)

American Country Awards (FOX) — With performances from Toby Keith, Hip Diddler, Blake Shelton, Trace Adkins, Butterball Jackson, Thompson Square, and special guest, the Big Shirtless Rod Experience.

Prep & Landing: Naughty vs. Nice (ABC) – The first special, which aired in 2009, was entertaining, and this one has a lot of people you like in it, such as Dave Foley, Sarah Chalke, Rob Riggle, and Chris Parnell. There are worse ways to spend a December Monday night, like watching “2 Broke Girls.”

Monday Night Football (ESPN) — The San Diego Chargers head to Jacksonville to play the Jaguars in a game that only matters because Josh needs 10 points from MJD to finish in second place in his fantasy league.

Long Island Serial Killer (A&E) – Do uncaught serial killers watch specials and films about their work? Like, did the Zodiac Killer go to an 11 a.m. matinee screening of Zodiac at his local Regal movie theater, and loudly harrumph at everything Fincher got wrong, and will the LISK keep this A&E special on his DVR for months? These questions need answering – after they catch the guys, of course.

LATE-NIGHT GUESTS: Kristen Johnson and Ryan Adams grill Jonah Hill on what the hell he was thinking with “Allen Gregory” on Letterman; Robert Downey, Jr., Abigail Breslin, and Alison Krauss laugh at Jay for falling to number two on Leno; Christina Applegate and Guy Ritchie talk quickly about musical guest Jack’s Mannequin on Kimmel; Justin Long and Noomi Rapace argue about the Emily or Zooey issue on Ferguson; Steve Martin and Emily VanCamp get high with Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa on Fallon.

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