What's On Tonight: Food Shows

09.06.10 5 Comments

Lion: Oh, look! The food thinks it's a lion!

Ok everybody, I’m outta here.  Matt’s back tomorrow.  Enjoy your Labor Day.

Lion Ranger: Trouble in the Pride (Nat Geo Wild) – On one hand, I like these kinds of shows where people immerse themselves into the wild to get a close-up view. On the other hand, I’ve seen Grizzly Man.  It’s all fun and games until a giant animal eats you alive on camera.

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations (Travel Channel) – Two new episodes tonight.  First, a retrospective of the show’s five year run, followed by the series’ 100th episode.  Bourdain and master chef Eric Ripert take a culinary tour of Paris, which I will watch in a jealous rage while eating Easy Mac and drinking Faygo.

CBS Fall Preview Show (CBS) – “Oo oo, I hope there are crime-based procedurals and comedies with a laugh track.  Hey honey look, Jim Belushi is co-hosting the special!  We love that gu-  (*gets euthanized by DG*)”

Nickelodeon Mega Music Fest (Nickeleon) – A concert hosted by John Lequizamo featuring musicians performing duets with TV characters like Dora the Explorer and Yo Gabba Gabba! (exclamation point assuredly not mine).  I can’t fathom the number of annoying haircuts that will be in attendance.

Quints By Surprise (I’ll give you one guess) – “Quints By Surprise”?  Not interested.   “Squints By Surprise,” on the other hand…

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