What’s on Tonight: ‘Glee’ Prom

05.10.11 8 years ago 18 Comments

Glee (Fox) — New Directions perform Rebecca Black’s “Friday” at the prom, because EVERY high school has its show choir perform at prom. Right? Anyway, Kurt gets named prom queen. If that’s a spoiler for any of you Gleetards out there, take it as a sign that you deserve to be unhappy because you like “Glee.”

Becoming Chaz (OWN) — It’s cool that Chaz Bono opened up his life for this documentary about his gender reassignment, because I think it’s important for society to be more aware of what transgender people go through. That said, ain’t no way I’m watchin’ this.

Swamp Brothers (Discovery) — Series premiere. Two brothers live in a Florida swamp and work at a reptile sanctuary. Alligators ensue.

The Voice (NBC) — I’m not sure if I genuinely like this show, or if I just appreciate that it feels nothing like “American Idol.” Now that the four mentors have picked their teams, it’ll be interesting to see if “The Voice” can maintain its sense of originality.

Worst. Prom. Ever. (MTV) — With all due respect to this MTV original movie, I think Carrie nailed down that honor. But hey, if you can do better than pig’s blood on the prom queen followed by a bunch of teenagers burning to death, I’d like to see that.

LATE NIGHT GUESTS: Mark Harmon on Letterman; Def Leppard on Leno (timely!); Nathan Fillion on Kimmel; Keira Knightley on Fallon; Will Ferrell on “The Daily Show;” Geoffrey Rush on Colbert; and Zach Braff and Judd Apatow on Conan.

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