What’s On Tonight: Grinches Be Crazy

Happy Endings (ABC) — The is the best sitcom on television not on Thursday nights. Get to know it because when the Alison Brie GIF well runs dry, we may have to resort to Eliza Coupe GIFs to fill the void. Tonight’s episode is called “Grinches Be Crazy.” That should be enough to pique your interest.

Up All Night (NBC) — What’s the consensus here on “Up All Night”? I’m a big fan of Christina Applegate and Will Arnett’s characters, but I’m still having some difficulties warming up to Maya Rudolph. Tonight, Jason Lee (Aaaalviiiiiin, *pulls trigger*) continues his arc as the boyfriend of Rudolph’s character.

Survivor: South Pacific (CBS) — The two most interesting characters on “Survivor” this season, Ozzie and the Harvard Dork, Cochran, are both on redemption island. One will leave tonight. I don’t know who to root for, but I’m kind of hoping the center of the island caves in and the Hantz kid falls through. He is creepy and I’m pretty sure a murderer. Tonight, family members show up and things get out of hand with Hantz’s dad.

Psych (USA) — There’s a lot to love about tonight’s episode, “The Toa of Gus,” the first of which is the fact that Deidrich Bader will guest star, as will Diora Baird as Gus’ love interest. Will she be sexy and green? Or just the regular kind of sexy?

American Horror Story: Here’s my problem with “American Horror Story”: All the characters are annoying, and none of them will ever leave, because even when they die, they’re still around to be annoying. And yet I continue to watch.

Modern Family: Obligatory.

LATE NIGHT LISTINGS: Kimmel has Russel Brand; Dave has Jessica Biel; Fallon has Zac Efron; Ralph Fiennes is on “The Daily Show”; Colbert has a ballet dancer; and if the pairing of Leno and Heigl wasn’t obnoxious enough for you last night, tonight Lea Michelle will show up. KILL IT WITH FIRE.

After the jump, Star Burns, a picture of Luis Guzman, and the rest of the “Community” cast remind us why we should save Greendale Community College.