11.30.09 8 years ago 8 Comments

Hoarders (A&E) — Season 2 premiere. Unlike — and better — than anything on TLC, this is television’s most captivating freak show. From USA Today: “Tonight’s episode features Augustine, whose home is about to be condemned, 14 years after son Jason was removed by child protective services because of health hazards. Now 28, Jason looks on as cat carcasses and Mom’s false teeth are found among 8,000 pounds of trash.”

Pawn Star$ (History) — The good news about this coming back is that it reminded me that I still have three hours of History’s “WWII in HD” to watch on my DVR.

Monday Night Football (ESPN) — Patriots (7-3) at Saints (10-0). Two of the game’s best quarterbacks lead two of the league’s top offenses in what could be one of the more entertaining games of the year. I won’t be at the KSK live-blog, but you should check it out if you’re drinking at home alone. Who will I be cheering for? Wes Welker and John Carney.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (ABC) — I may be old and cynical, but I’ve still got mad love for this animated classic.

The Tonight Show (NBC) — Tonight’s guest: Shatner!

She Survived That… Pregnant? (Discovery Health) — File under: “TV shows that I admire solely for their titles.” Tonight’s accidents, via TV Guide: “a parachuting mishap, a bear encounter, a shooting incident and a fall from a balcony that left a woman impaled on a microphone stand.” You have to admit, that’s pretty metal.

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