10.19.09 9 years ago 5 Comments

House, M.D. (Fox) — A man with a mysterious ailment receives potentially dangerous treatment from an antisocial but brilliant doctor. It’s a totally new episode!

Pot City, USA (A&E) — The show takes a look inside the illegal cultivation of marijuana in Humboldt County. Included: narcs totally harshing buzzes.

Heroes (NBC) — Rob at Topless Robot does a live-blog for this show every week. It makes me feel sorry for him.

U.S. Marshals: Operation FALCON (Discovery) — Law enforcement officials try to track down violent criminals. It has nothing to do with Balloon Boy.

Monday Night Football (ESPN) — Broncos at Chargers. I’ll be in an airplane for most of this, but you can follow along at the KSK live-blog and imagine the comments I would make if I were online.

Jon & Kate Plus 8 (TLC) — Whatever.

MLB Playoffs (TBS) — NLCS Game 4, Dodgers at Phillies. I’ve barely watched any playoff baseball over the last couple weeks. Are the Royals in it this year?

CSI: Miami (CBS) — Deadly farming practices cause a lethal outbreak. “The rural real estate market seems to have gotten better… A whole lotta people just bought the farm.” YEEEAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!

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