What’s on Tonight: I Bid You O’Day, Sir

03.07.11 8 years ago 9 Comments

All About Aubrey (Oxygen) — Series premiere. The former Danity Kane singer attempts to revitalize her career with a reality show on Oxygen. Well, I guess “vitalize” would be a more correct term. Nevertheless, I like O’Day — and not just because she takes pictures like this. In interviews, she always comes across as more self-aware than the typical starlet. Hell, if there’s room for Nicole Scherzinger to be famous in this country, why not Aubrey O’Day? Hardly seems fair.

The Event (NBC) — Spring premiere. Hey, it’s back! (It was gone?)

The Chicago Code (Fox) — I have all these saved on my DVR, but I never feel like sitting down and watching several hours of a cop show. Well, except “The Wire.” I started watching “The Wire” again, and it’s JUST AS GOOD the second time. Anyone who’s ever watched that show on DVD has had a moment where they’ve gone, “Aw crap, it’s 2:00 a.m.? Okay, just one more episode…”

Greek (ABC Family) — Series finale. They better finish this show by following through on that promise of anal.

SGU: Stargate Universe (Syfy) — Spring premiere. I’d prefer “Law & Order: SGU.” Ice-T would be all, “Man, where’s that dude with the stamp on his forehead?”

LATE NIGHT GUESTS: Ginger alert! Seth Green and “Glee” redhead Jayma Mays are both on Conan tonight. Plus: Tea Party hero Rand Paul on “The Daily Show”; Betty White and the two attractive Kardashians on Letterman (it’s the repeat where White chugs vodka); and Aaron Eckhardt on Ferguson. Full listings at TV Squad.

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