What’s on Tonight: Junk (Literally)

Storage Wars (A&E) — Season premiere. I wish I could remember who said this on Twitter, but one of the peopel I follow said something along the lines of “We are now at a point where anyone who sifts through other people’s garbage can have their own TV show.”

South Beach Tow (Tru TV) — Series premiere. Miami tow truck drivers get their own reality show. Coming soon: “JANITORS OF LAS VEGAS”!

So You Think You Can Dance (Fox) — Live performances will be judged by guest panelist Neil Patrick Harris. I’m in.

Franklin & Bash (TNT) — “F&B” recapper Danger Guerrero has entered the final phase of cramming for the bar, so we’ll have to enjoy this show by ourselves for the next couple weeks.

The World According to Paris (Oxygen) — Season (and probably series) finale. This got terrible ratings even for a third-tier channel like Oxygen, and Paris Hilton responded to her time in the spotlight fading by walking out of an interview on “Good Morning America.”

Deadliest Warrior (Spike) — Season premiere. George Washington versus Napoleon: WHO YA GOT? Please feel free to start a U-S-A! chant in the comments.

The Car Show (SPEED) — I forgot to include this in the listings when it premiered last week, probably because it’s on SPEED. As recompense, the Adam Carolla fans in the house are welcome to watch a preview of tonight’s episode below.