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“Come flizzle the frizzle skizzles”

American Idol (FOX) — The final 13 become the final 12 11.  Kelly Clarkson and Kanye West will perform.  And somehow, that will take an hour.  Ladies and gentlemen, the highest-rated show in America.

America’s Next Top Model (CW) — It’s the episode where all the models get makeovers.  Which means that some brunette is turned into an awful bottle-blonde, and another model gets all her hair cut off, because the stylist thinks she has the face to pull it off “just like Mia Farrow.”  My prediction: tears.

South Park (Comedy Central) — The Season 13 premiere: Kenny takes his girlfriend to a Jonas Brothers concert.  Spoiler alert: he dies.

The Daily Show (Comedy Central) — Tonight’s guest is the always-awesome Paul Rudd, whose appearance on last night’s Letterman can be seen here.  I’ve run into Rudd twice in my life: once when he spent all night drinking at Bleecker Bar before a “Good Morning America” appearance, and the other time at 3 a.m. during Super Bowl week at a Miami hotel bar where he was doing karaoke with Joe Lo Truglio.  In other words, he’s just as cool as he seems.  Jerk.

Soul Plane (BET) — What?  You got somethin’ better to do?

Bonus good times: Jon Hamm as Lex Luthor.  I watched this entire video, which means it held my attention for two minutes longer than any episode of “Smallville.”

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