What’s On Tonight: The Daniel Radcliffe-Starring ‘Miracle Workers’ Season Takes Satiric Aim At Toxic Masculinity

Miracle Workers: Oregon Trail (TBS, 10:30 pm) — Season 3 of this anthology series continues in 1844, when an idealistic preacher (Daniel Radcliffe) must join forces with a wanted outlaw (Steve Buscemi) as they set off on the eponymous trail by wagon. TBS suggests that the promise and peril that they encounter might remind us of our own times. Last week’s hipster pioneers get a followup when Ezekial goes buffalo hunting to explore his manhood, and Prudence takes bandit-lessons from Benny.

How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast): Season 3 (Netflix series) — The controversially named hit series launches a new season with Moritz feeling alienated yet trying to keep it together as the MyDrugs CEO. Meanwhile, Lenny’s condition deteriorates, so Moritz must step in to assist. This season’s pulling the “one last job” trope with these best friends, and expect some explosive consequences.

Motherland: Fort Salem: Season 2 (Freeform, 10:00pm) — In this world, witches not only enlist in the U.S. Army, but they also use their spells to rule the world and take down terrorists, who are (in turn) hell-bent upon getting witches out of the military. This week, Abigail’s feeling familly pressure, and Raelle and Tally are also experiencing trouble at home.

In case you missed this pick from last week:

Marvel Studios: Assembled:: Season 1 The Making of Loki (Disney+ series, releasing in the wee hours of Wednesday morning) — This immersive documentary-type series brings us a fresh installment to help us feel a little bit better about having to wait for Season 2 of all of the Lokis and their mercurial pursuit of the glorious purpose. Tom Hiddleston has an absolute blast playing the MCU’s trickster god, and hopefully, we’ll hear more about that crushing moment and the new big bad cruising into Phase 4. This is the best Disney+ show so far, and Loki’s so beloved that you might binge the whole season all over again.