What's On Tonight: Musical Chairs On Steroids. No, I'm Not Kidding

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08.15.12 6 Comments

Oh Sit! (CW, 8 p.m.) — This is how unbelievably hard-up television executives are for summer programming: They’ve resorted to musical chairs. SERIOUSLY. Musical chairs. Hosted by Jamie Kennedy. On a “network” television program. This is what the FCC appropriated television bandwidth for? (Check out the insipid trailer after the listings.)

Shark Fight (Discovery, 9 p.m.) — At least there’s Shark Week to keep you preoccupied, and tonight’s installment centers on shark-bite victims. I hope they recreate all the shark-bite attacks with menacing Great Whites, regardless of what shark the victims were bitten by.

Damages (DirectTV, 9 p.m.) — Am I the only one that still watches this? It’s actually not a bad season, so far. Patty Hewes is as evil as ever, and Rose Byrne continues to be incredibly hot even with all her clothes on.

Hit & Miss (DirectTV, 10 p.m.) — This show — about a cross-dressing hitman played by Chloe Sevigny — I actually didn’t follow through on. Saw the first episode, and it was OK, but not compelling enough to continue watching. It was very slow and atmospheric. The season finale arrives tonight.

Hanna (HBO to Go, Anytime) — Did you know that, though Netflix still has more subscribers, HBO to Go subscribers spend significantly more time per day streaming content? If you’re a subscriber and haven’t done so yet, check out Hanna, a kick-ass little thriller with a superb Chemical Brothers soundtrack that kind of flew under the radar last year.

LATE NIGHT LISTINGS: Tom Brokaw is on Letterman, Stallone is on Leno, Thomas Haden Church is on Kimmel, Fallon has Kathie Lee Gifford, Jon Stewart has Brian Williams, and Colbert has the women’s U.S. Olympic gymnastics team.

Here’s the Oh Sit trailer. Pray your Gods, people.

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