What's On Tonight: NBC Continues Its Grand Tradition of Hiding All Its Good Shows

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03.21.12 17 Comments

Bent (NBC) — Amanda Peet’s new sitcom premieres tonight. The advance praise for the show is fairly high, so of course NBC dumped it with very little promotion in the same time slot as “Modern Family,” likely expecting to burn it off and wash their hands of it. How do I convince you to watch? How’s this: Amanda Peet’s husband is David Benioff, writer and producer of “Game of Thrones.” RESPECT. (He also wrote the phenomenal 25th Hour with Ed Norton)

Happy Endings (ABC) — If you dig the first episode of “Bent,” you may need to set your DVR to catch the second, lest you miss “Happy Endings.” It’s another one of those nights on ABC where the only first-run show is “Happy Endings” because they’re burning through it to get to “Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23” in April. That means there’s only a few more eps of “Happy Endings” this season and, perhaps, the series. WATCH.

Survivor (CBS) — What’s the consensus on Colton? I think the guy is despicable; he may be one of the worst people ever to appear on “Survivor,” a guy who manages to make gays, Republicans, and human beings look bad. Last week’s preview suggested there’d be a medical emergency in tonight’s episode. I don’t like to wish harm on people, but I hope Colton falls off a cliff.

Rock Center with Brian Williams (NBC) — Outside of the Thursday night talent, Brian Williams is the best thing going for NBC. I wish they hadn’t dumped him on a news magazine. Big Daddy Williams needs a sitcom. But, if you’re bored at 10 EST, tonight’s “Rock Center” has a segment on “Mad Men.”

Psych (USA) — The good: Jaleel White is guest starring, which may mean more Gus as Bud from “The Cosby Show” jokes. The bad: So is Mekhi Phifer, maybe the worst over-actor on television. There will be a capella singing tonight, though.

LATE NIGHT LISTINGS: Debra Messing is on Letterman (shrug), Kim Kardashian appropriately is on Leno, Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem is on Kimmel, Elizabeth Banks is on Ferguson, Jennifer Lawrence is on Fallon, and “The Daily Show” and “The Colbert Report” continue their week of reruns.

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