What’s On Tonight: The Olympics, Not Much Else

XXX Summer Olympics (NBC, 8 p.m.-12 a.m.) — Yes, but will there be corgis?

The Godfather (AMC, 8 p.m.-12 a.m.) — Dear AMC: during the next episode of Breaking Bad, only show promos for The Godfather, not Small Town Security. Something something cannoli. Love, Josh.

WWE Monday Night RAW (USA, 8-11 p.m.) — Rumor has it that after last week’s special Raw live chat over at With Leather, featuring the guest star stylings of Mr. Belding, Brandon and Burnsy managed to pull in Kevin the Robot for tonight’s episode. BUT YOU DIDN’T HEAR IT FROM ME.

Bizarre Foods America (Travel, 9-10 p.m.) — Andrew Zimmern travels to New Mexico, where he feasts on roof pizzas, fried chicken, Franch, and cotton candy-flavored rock candy.

Bad Girls Club (Oxygen, 10-11 p.m.) — The episode title is “Girls Gone Ham.” I really hope it’s actually about ham, and not just the producers forgetting to make the word an acronym. Obligatory GIF below.

LATE NIGHT GUESTS: Emma Roberts and Paula Poundstone on Ferguson; Colin Farrell on Conan; Rashida Jones on Stewart; and Joan Rivers on Colbert.