What's On Tonight: One GIF Will Rule Them All

04.11.12 6 years ago 22 Comments

Everything on TV tonight kind of pales after last night’s “Justified.” I think I’ll just turn off the TV tonight and stare at this GIF, instead. BAM. Never gets old. I will also give someone a crisp $10 bill if you can successfully and awesomely mash that GIF up with this GIF. TOGETHER, WE CAN RULE THE INTERNET.

Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt. 23 (ABC) — Terrible name, but promising new show. It’s definitely worth watching a few episodes, just to see how long it takes before they exhaust James Van Der Beek’s character. Krysten Ritter is not bad to look at, either.

Suburgatory/Modern Family (ABC) — After a three-week hiatus (and I believe, four of the last five weeks), “Modern Family” finally returns for Claire’s city-council election. I bet this is also the episode where Manny is annoying.

Psych (USA) — Sixth season finale. I would pay to watch Gus have a dance-off against Turk someday. MAKE THAT HAPPEN CHRISTMAS JESUS.

Best Friends Forever (NBC) — I watched the pilot last week. It wasn’t bad, but not terribly good, either, but it’s definitely a show. And it stars people. It’s on NBC. Tonight. That’s the best recommendation money can buy (thanks for that quarter, NBC!)

Revenge: From the Beginning: Finally, your chance to not watch an episode that recaps all those other episodes you didn’t watch.

LATE NIGHT LISTINGS: Magic Johnson AND Larry Bird are on Dave tonight, while Leno has Rachel Maddow and Peeta. Ashley Judd is on Kimmel, Adam Goldberg is on Ferguson, JOEL MCHALE is on Fallon, Ricky Gervais is on “The Daily Show,” and Michelle Obama is on Colbert.

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