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Parks and Recreation [series premiere] (NBC) — Helluva lotta hype for the new Amy Poehler vehicle [Mandatory Ed. Note: Poehler?  I hardly know her], in which the SNL alumna plays a mid-level employee in the local government of Pawnee, Indiana.  From the creators of “The Office,” shot in a mockumentary style like “The Office,” and co-starring Rashida Jones (“The Office”), but in no other way associated with “The Office.”  Most reviews can be summed up in one word (“meh”), but I plan to check it out.  I ache nerdily for Rashida Jones.

The Office/30 Rock (NBC) — Two new episodes of “The Office” and a new “30 Rock.”  And yet there are still people out there who will watch the re-run of “Grey’s Anatomy.”  Those people are called “single women with more  than one cat.”

Southland [series premiere] (NBC) — Well well well.  Look what network came to play tonight.  Too bad I can totally just watch this entire episode online.  I guess that frees me up to watch “Harper’s Island” on CBS.  And get this: it’s actually not a procedural crime drama.

Hell’s Kitchen (Fox) — I always figured it’d be hotter.

Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire [series premiere] (Comedy Central) — This looks like it might have some stupid-funny moments (clips here), but some people think it goes too far with the gay stereotypes.  So that’s two reasons to watch.

American Chopper (TLC) — Series 6 premiere.  There’s supposed to be some big twist coming on this show, but I don’t know if it’s tonight or an upcoming show.  I wasn’t really paying attention, because, y’know, motorcycles.  **makes wanking motion**

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