What’s On Tonight: ‘Plain Jane’

07.28.10 8 years ago 8 Comments

Plain Jane (The CW) — Series premiere. This reality show, hosted by British fashionista Louise Roe, gives shy wallflowers confidence lessons and makeovers, then forces them to confront their secret crushes. Some critics are complaining that the Plain Janes aren’t ugly enough, but c’mon. The CW is paying for makeovers, not nose jobs and breast implants.

Hot in Cleveland (TV Land) — I really should get around to watching at least an episode of this, but that would mean learning where TV Land is on my cable directory.

Psych (USA) — Freddie Prinze Jr guest stars. Yes, all of his movies suck, but he’s good as a television actor. He was good in the final season of “24,” and — I’m ashamed to admit this — I actually liked “Freddie.” That said, his career would take off if he’d just grow a mustache.

Top Chef (Bravo) — If my Twitter friends are correct, then Luke Russert makes an appearance as a guest judge on tonight’s episode. Note to self: don’t watch tonight’s episode.

Tosh.0 (Comedy Central) — Tosh is always telling me to hit him up on Twitter when the show airs, but that would involve watching it live with commercials. F that noise.

Dad Camp (VH1) — Season finale. This show involved pregnant girls roping their irresponsible boyfriends into parenting classes. Hey ladies, you know what’s easier? Not sleeping with douchebags.

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