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Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat II (MTV) — Season premiere. If the name alone isn’t enough for you to hate the show, try watching it.

Top Chef: Masters (Bravo) — Season premiere. Kinda like the All-Star Game: sure, there are lots of names you recognize, but no one’s really trying. And Kelly Choi isn’t half the Asian fantasy that Padma Lakshmi is.

Shear Genius (Bravo) — Season finale. The winner should have to stab the loser with scissors. Man, I love me a good scissor-stabbing.

American Idol (Fox) — I was prepared to pass over this, but then I realized that Rihanna performs tonight. And I do love me some Rihanna. In a lot of ways, she’s the perfect woman: rich, talented, beautiful, and she knows how to take a punch. (Just kidding, Mom!)

Web Soup (G4TV) — Unless she lied about it on Twitter, Alison Brie makes an appearance on tonight’s show. I’ve tried to watch this show, but it’s just nothing close to the quality of “Tosh.o.” I feel like Daniel Tosh was the class clown, and Chris Hardwick was in the drama club. Hardwick can act like he’s loose and fun, but he’s not actually funny.

Accidentally on Purpose (CBS) — Speaking of G4, “Attack of the Show” nerdbabe Olivia Munn guest stars in tonight’s episode.

South Park (Comedy Central) — Kyle faces a Facebook-related crisis. On a related note, one time I wrote about not loving “The Ricky Gervais Show” here at Warming Glow, and a Facebook “friend” of mine commented about the Warming Glow post — not here on the blog, but on my most recent (and completely unrelated) Facebook update. I can’t adequately describe how angry that made me.

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