What's On Tonight: Sarah Chalke On 'Cougar Town'

03.06.12 33 Comments

Photo credit: ABC

Cougar Town (ABC) – Sarah Chalke, a Bill Lawrence veteran from her tenure on “Scrubs,” begins her guest arc on the show tonight. If you’re wondering if that’s a good enough excuse to post the Turk Dance after the jump, the answer is a resounding yes.

Justified (FX) – The word on the street is that somebody’s gettin’ got tonight. And by “the street,” I mean “TV Guide and other reputable sources.” I don’t just get my TV news from weirdos on the street, people. I’m a professional. [looks at GIFs, doesn’t shave for a week]

Southland (TNT) – Children in the care of a nanny go missing after her death, and the police try to track them down. Now that she’s dead, I guess C.C. can have Mr. Sheffield all to herself. (I hate myself for that joke.)

Raising Hope (FOX) – This is the episode guest starring Katy Perry, as discussed here.

Breaking In (FOX) – Season 2 premiere. Megan Mullally joins the cast as the head of a conglomerate that purchased the company. Also, Mullally and her husband, Nick Offerman (Ron F-cking Swanson), were on Marc Maron’s podcast yesterday. I wish they were my neighbors.

Tosh.0/Key & Peele (Comedy Central) – I miss “Workaholics.”

LATE NIGHT GUESTS: Joel McHale on Ferguson (DVR ALERT), and Don Cheadle and Elisha Cuthbert on Conan. Everybody else is in reruns tonight. FUN FACT: The summary for the rerun of Kimmel describes Jessica Alba as an “actor-entrepreneur.”

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