What’s On Tonight: ‘South Park’

10.05.11 16 Comments

South Park (Comedy Central) – The animated staple returns with an episode titled “Ass Burgers,” where Cartman thinks he has, you guessed it, Asperger’s. (BONUS: Remember that short video I posted a while back about Matt & Trey teaching a class at NYU? The full video is up, and posted after the jump.)

American Horror Story (FX) – See Matt’s review of the pilot here. I can’t believe he missed the opportunity to really make a pageviews grab related to the whole CONNIE BRITTON RUBBER SEX SEX RUBBER LEATHERRUBBERSEX thing. You’re welcome, buddy. (Oh hi, pervs!)

Modern Family/Happy Endings (ABC) – I’m already behind on both of these shows, but I do like them. Adam Pally’s character on “Happy Endings” is my dude.

Up All Night/Free Agents (NBC) – I keep forgetting which one of these I liked and which one I didn’t. Which one is about a group of kids growing up in the 1960s and getting into pickles involving lost baseballs and kinda sexually assaulting lifeguards? Wait. That’s The Sandlot. Nevermind.

Luther (BBC) – If I ever get elected to Congress, I think my first order of business will be introducing a resolution that requires Idris Elba to change his name to Stringer Bell. Order of business #2: Taco Tuesday.

Baseball (TBS) – As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a pretty diehard Phillies fan. The stress from these playoff games is tearing me apart. I’m not even joking. I’m an absolute wreck and the game hasn’t even started yet. Get your writing samples ready, people. There’s like a 75% chance this thing kills me and Matt needs a new fill-in.

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