What’s On Tonight: The ‘American Hustle’ Publicity Tour Begins

The Great Christmas Light Fight (ABC, 9 p.m.) — Four families transform their homes for the holidays in the hopes of winning $50,000, which should pay for nearly half of December’s electricity bill.

The Sing-Off (NBC, 9 p.m.) — Season premiere. The Sing-Off‘s big get as a host? Jewel. More like you were meant to be not watched. (My Jewel references are very limited.)

Sleepy Hollow (Fox, 9 p.m.) — After tonight’s episode, which involves the Golem, there are only three episodes of Sleepy Hollow left this season. In its place: The Following. Yeesh.

Vanderpump Rules (Bravo, 9 p.m.) — I don’t know who or what a Vanderpump. Are they related to the O’Doyles?

Bonnie and Clyde: Dead and Alive (A&E, 9 p.m.) — Did anyone watch part one last night? Or more accurately, has anyone seen anything with Emile Hirsch since Killer Joe?

LATE NIGHT GUESTS: Stephen Colbert, Ian McKellan, and CHVRCHES on Letterman; Simon Cowell and Megyn Kelly on Leno; Queen Latifah on Kimmel; Demi Lovato and Louie Anderson on Ferguson; Amy Adams* and Oscar Isaac on Fallon; Snoop Dogg and June Diane Raphael on Conan; Idris Elba on Stewart; and David Keith on Colbert.

* the more people from American Hustle on late-night shows this week, the better