What’s On Tonight: The Father/Daughter Chemistry on ‘Suburgatory’ Is Driving Me Nuts

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01.04.12 21 Comments

Suburgatory/The Middle/Modern Family/Happy Endings (ABC) — ABC is the only network running new airings of their regular shows, and from 8 to 10 EST, they’re the best thing going. Also, has anyone else picked up on the wildly great sexual chemistry between Jeremy Sisto and Jane Levy on “Suburgatory”? Daniel Fienberg pointed it out on the Hitfix podcast last month and it’s all I can ever think of now. There’s probably a shippers tumblr set up for them already.

The Orange Bowl (ESPN) — West Virginia vs. Clemson, if you’re into that sort of thing, and by “that sort of thing,” I mean: Halftime marching bands.

Mobbed (Fox) — A show about flash mobs hosted by Howie Mandel? What did the world do to deserve this? THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT TEBOW.

Top Chef: Texas (Bravo) — So, I was wondering why everything during this cycle was so insistently Texan, and then I found out that in order to film in Texas, the producers had to sign a contract with the state and agree to all sorts of requirements that the state be heavily featured and that “Texas” be included in this season’s title.

I Get that a Lot (CBS) — I have never heard of this show, but apparently it’s the fourth airing of it. It features celebrities doing “regular” jobs, and tonight’s episode includes Pamela Anderson, Jerry Springer, Dr. Drew, and Ty Pennington, three of whom could actually use a “regular” job.

LATE NIGHT GUESTS — Brian Williams is on Letterman, Kelsey Grammer is on Kimmel, Tracey Morgan is on Leno, and Ed Burns is on Fallon.

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