What’s On Tonight: Jason Struggles On ‘The Good Place,’ And ‘The Unicorn’ Is Real

The Good Place (NBC, 9:00 p.m.) — Eleanor, Michael, Janet, and Tahani have their hands full when the new residents begin to show their true colors. Jason receives some unsettling news.

The Unicorn (CBS, 8:30 p.m.) — Wade suddenly finds himself in a “relationship” that he has no interest in when he has trouble turning down a second date. Also, Wade tries to understand when Grace struggles with her social media posts.

Young Sheldon (CBS, 8:00 p.m.) — Without Dr. Sturgis’ university class, Sheldon must find a new way to stay academically challenged. Also, Mary helps Pastor Jeff avoid temptation with his girlfriend.

Grey’s Anatomy (ABC, 8:00 p.m.) — The Grey Sloan doctors operate on a man who crashed into Maggie’s car as Owen struggles with Tom’s new position. Outside the hospital, Meredith’s recent firing doesn’t stop her from diagnosing those around her.

Superstore (NBC, 8:00 p.m.) — Amy attempts to gather glowing character testimony for Mateo’s immigration lawyer but comes up short. Jonah plans an engagement party for Sandra, infuriating Dina, while Glenn and Marcus compete for Mateo’s old locker.

iHeart Radio Music Festival (The CW, 8:00 p.m.) — Alicia Keys, Miley Cyrus, Chance the Rapper, Zac Brown Band, and Mumford & Sons are among the performers at the annual music festival in Las Vegas.

Perfect Harmony (NBC, 8:30 p.m.) — Arthur defies local customs, and the choir pays for his rudeness. For Cash’s sake, Ginny vows to say nothing bad about Wayne.

Mom (CBS, 9:00 p.m.) — Christy and Adam clash over an incident at the bar, leaving Bonnie in a precarious situation. Also, Jill’s new boyfriend, Andy, has trouble finding a way to impress her.