What's On Tonight: The Guy In The Suit And The Lady From The Thing

White Collar/Covert Affairs (USA) – USA rolls out two more of their summer series tonight. I have two things to say about this development: 1) Matt Bomer is a handsome man, and every time I watch White Collar I’m tempted to put on a suit and a hat, and; 2) Covert Affairs stars Piper Perabo from Coyote Ugly. As per Warming Glow tradition, I have posted the song “Can’t Fight the Moonlight” after the jump.

Franklin & Bash/Rizzoli & Isles (TNT) – My favorite part about this season of Franklin & Bash is how they spent two episodes introducing a Hot Cop love interest for Bash and then didn’t even acknowledge her existence in the next two. LOVE ‘EM LEAVE ‘EM, BROS. NOW GET DRESSED, WE’RE GOING TO HAPPY HOUR AT MCFADDEN’S.

MLB All-Star Game (Fox) – The fact that home field advantage for the World Series is determined by which league wins the All-Star Game is the stupidest thing in sports by a mile, and if I wrote for a sports website I would scream about it every day until they changed it or I got fired.

Trust Us With Your Life/NY Med (ABC) – Trust Us With Your Life is a Whose Line Is It Anyway? style show that features a celebrity telling a story and then improv comedians acting it out. This sounds horrible. NY Med is a new docu-drama miniseries featuring Dr. Oz running around a hospital. It also sounded kind of horrible to me at first, but it’s gotten decent reviews. Do with that what you will.

America’s Got Talent (NBC) – Call me when a dog wins and writes a book about it.

Workaholics (Comedy Central) – This could be the last episode of this show that DirecTV viewers will see for a while. Savor it like the last bite of steak.

LATE NIGHT GUESTS: Queen Latifah and Fred Armisen on Letterman; Zachary Levy and Bubba Watson on Leno; Kelly Ripa, Kristen Johnson, and Tom Waits on Fallon; and Gary Oldman and Rob Riggle on Kimmel