What’s On Tonight: ‘The League’ Welcomes Back Rafi And Dirty Randy

12.13.12 25 Comments

The League (FX) – Back-to-back episodes tonight. The latter features Rafi and Seth Rogen’s Dirty Randy preparing for the apocalypse. This seems like something I should bring to your attention.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FX) – The gang goes out to dinner at an upscale Philadelphia eatery. My prediction is that someone will end up with a salad fork stuck in their butt. I am good at predicting things.

Up All Night (NBC) – These are the last two episodes of this show before it goes on hiatus and comes back as a multi-camera sitcom, which is kind of like a caterpillar spinning itself a cocoon and then emerging a few weeks later as a different, crappier caterpillar.

Grey’s Anatomy/Scandal (ABC) – Midseason finales. SERIOUS SCIENTIFIC POLL: Do you know anyone who still watches Grey’s Anatomy? I do not.

Rocket City Rednecks (NatGeo) – From TV Guide: “A superhero suit is designed using two old vacuum cleaners, a barbecue grill and spray foam.” Seems reasonable.

Burn Notice (USA) – I mentioned this on Twitter, but I would love to see the local news broadcasts in the Burn Notice world. “Tonight at 11, another massive explosion on a Miami highway, and only Channel 6 has surveillance footage of the suspects fleeing in a candy-colored Hyundai!”

LATE NIGHT GUESTS: Zachary Knighton on Kimmel; Jamie Foxx and Julie Chen on Letterman; Howie Mandel and Olivia Williams on Ferguson; Hugh Jackman and Maria Sharapova on Leno; Martin Short, Billy Joel, John Cena, and Neal Brennan on Fallon; and Damon Wayans, Jr. and Sheamus on Conan.

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