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For once, I didn’t have to Photoshop a cat into the picture (AP photo)

Winter Olympics: Opening Ceremonies, Ski Jumping (NBC) — Unfortunately, because Canada’s not an overcrowded sea of humanity ruled by a communist regime, it’s unlikely that this will have the mind-blowing splendor of the opening ceremony at the Beijing Games. But hey, it’s something worth watching on a Friday. What, were you gonna watch “Smallville”?

What Not to Wear (TLC) — I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that half the countries’ Olympic uniforms for the parade will qualify as a what not to wear.

Swamp Loggers (Discovery) — Season finale. Maybe I spend too much time on the Internet, but “swamp logging” sounds like one of those disgusting sex acts that only exists on Urban Dictionary.

The Soup (E!) — The only other Irish-American I like better than Joel McHale is Conan O’Brien. No offense to you, Tits McGee.

Spartacus (Starz) — Apparently, Spartacus sucked in his first arena match, so he gets sentenced to fight in the Pits. It’s kind of like fighting in the arena, except it’s underground, with fire and a distinct S&M feel (see clip below).

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