What’s On Tonight: This Man

07.12.10 8 years ago 9 Comments

8:00, ESPN – The Home Run Derby. According to WordCount, “back” is the 92nd-most oft-used word in the English language.  It would rank at #3,094 if it weren’t for Chris Berman.

9:00, A&E – New episode of Intervention. Reports indicate that this episode will feature a person on drugs sitting on couches and crying. This is one scant degree removed from Two and a Half Men, a show about a person on drugs sitting on couches and Jon Cryer.

9:00, NBC – Last Comic Standing. I cannot ever think of this show without thinking of this.

9:00, AMC – Repeat of Madmen. Who’s your favorite character from Madmen? I think that, probly, mine is, Don Madmen.

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