What’s On Tonight: Three of the Best Dramas on Television, That’s What

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02.07.12 15 Comments

Southland (TNT) — I know we’re all about “Justified” here on WarmingGlow, and for good reason, but I thought we’d give some header love to “Southland,” which is probably the best television drama you’re not watching. It’s a slice-of-life cop drama, the anti-procedural, and it’s brilliant and dark and Regina King is television’s most unsung actress. Start from the beginning or jump in tonight. Whatever you do, find it. It’s outstanding.

Justified (FX) — Tonight’s episode is more episodic than serial in nature, as Raylan tracks down two prisoners on the run while Boyd turns on someone in the inner circle. Check back tomorrow for Danger’s discussion post, and maybe Jon Worley will drop by again and tell you how all your hunches are wrong.

Parenthood (NBC) — Another fantastic, underappreciated drama, this one from Jason Katims, who also brought us “Friday Nights” (which explains why a lot of the actors who have appeared in both). Peter Krause directed tonight’s episode, so it will probably be double heart-warming. Bring tissues, fellas.

The River (ABC) — Two-hour series premiere. This is a thriller about a trip to the Amazon river to find a missing adventurer. It was either pushed back to mid-season because it’s not very good, or because it’s great and doesn’t appeal to a large audience. I personally hope it’s the former because my Tuesday doesn’t need another hour-long drama. Reviews so far, however, have been positive.

The New Girl (FOX) — I think we should all start mis-using the term “Adorkable,” applying it only to decidedly masculine things. Hopefully, by May we can mangle it so badly that it’s eradicated from our cultural lexicon.

LATE NIGHT GUESTS: Letterman has Denzel and The Fray, which was a band manufactured by trailer editors to create music for sappy films. Leno has Chelsea Handler (two reasons not to watch!), Damon Wayans, Jr. and Michelle Williams are on Kimmel, Ferguson has Kenneth Branaugh, and Fallon has on The Cranberries. I heard their new song on the radio the other day and I thought I fell into a wormhole that took me back to 1992.

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