What’s on Tonight: ‘Traffic Light’, Larry the Cable Historian

02.08.11 7 years ago 16 Comments

Mike's framed goatse picture is always a hit at parties.

Traffic Light (Fox) — Series premiere. I wasn’t won over by the featurette I posted in December, but the early reviews suggest that this is a promising sitcom whose characters offer more depth and nuance than its most obvious comparison, “Perfect Couples.” I suppose that means I have to DVR it.

Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy (History) — Series premiere. The History Channel, which found a miniseries about the Kennedy family to be “off brand,” begins airing this show in which a comedian (who is not actually a cable guy) tells us about slices of American history like moonshinin’ and frog jumpin’ and (I presume) queer-beatin’. I’m not sure if him not being a cable guy makes him more or less qualified for the job.

My Life as Liz (MTV) — Season premiere. In case you don’t remember seeing the trailer for Season 2, this is basically “The Hills,” except Lauren is an indie hipster chick, LA is New York, the other girls are LARPing dorks, and no one is Spencer. No one could ever be Spencer, and for that there just might be a god.

Glee (Fox) — Today news broke with the details of the “Glee” cast’s nationwide tour. I was all too happy not to cover it.

Southland (TNT) — I’ve had two conversations in the last three days with people who’ve wanted to talk about how much they like this show, which I find to be a relief. Perhaps I’m truly enjoying it — and not merely being nostalgic about the first season of “The O.C.”

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