What's On Tonight: Urkel Hosts the World's Dumbest Game Show

04.25.12 6 years ago 10 Comments

Best Friends Forever (NBC) — The third of six episodes of this sitcom that will be canceled by the end of May. Here’s my hearty endorsement: “It’s an OK show.” — Dustin Rowles, Warming Glow

Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt. 23 — You have got to be kidding me, ABC. After four reruns in five weeks, there’s ANOTHER RERUN of “Modern Family” tonight. No wonder the ratings are sinking. Anyway, Kiernan Shipka, who plays Sally Draper in “Mad Men” will be on the “Don’t Trust the B—-” tonight. I hope she reenacts this GIF.

Survivor (CBS) — “Survivor” is in that really boring part of the season where an alliance of around five or six just starts picking off everyone else until there’s no one left and they have to start picking off their own. I think there’s still two men left, so obviously the women’s alliance will pick off one of them.

Betty White: Off Their Rockers (NBC) — I’ve never seen a second of this show, but apparently it’s now one of NBC’s highest rated programs. I heard from someone else, however, that it starts to suck even before the opening credits end. I feel like Betty White deserves a better send-off into the afterlife than this.

Total Blackout (SyFy) — OK, this has to be the dumbest idea for a reality game show yet, but I absolutely have to see it. Jaleel White — Urkel from “Family Matters” — hosts a show in which a group of people are surrounded in complete darkness, afraid of obstacles and themselves. I can’t believe this show is real. Someone must have been, like: “Hey! Here’s an idea. Let’s get a group of people, put them in a room, and TURN OFF THE LIGHTS. We’ll get that nerdy kid from ‘Family Matters’ to host. It’ll be HUGE.”

LATE NIGHT LISTINGS: Rob Lowe is on Dave, Adam Levine is on Leno, Schmidt from “New Girl” is on Kimmel, Phil Keoghan from “The Amazing Race” is on Ferguson, Fallon follows up a visit with the President with a visit from the entire cast of “30 Rock” (rehearsing their live show), and Jason Segel is on “The Daily Show.”

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