What’s On Tonight: ‘We Are Who We Are’ And ‘Filthy Rich’ Both Bring Escapist Drama

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We Are Who We Are (HBO, 10:00pm EST) — This week, Caitlin and Fraser strengthen their bond, which doesn’t go over well with the larger group after Caitlin and Sam’s breakup. Meanwhile, Maggie’s exploring the nearby Chioggia Festival during her own bonding experience. This is Call Me By Your Name director Luca Guadagnino’s first stab at a TV series, and it’s an immersive experience with (of course) a sun-drenched, often picturesque Italian setting. This show should tide Euphoria fans who don’t mind more literally euphoric vibes and less nihilism than the Zendaya-starring series.

Whose Vote Counts, Explained (Netflix docuseries) — Are all votes created equally in the U.S.? Nope, and the right to vote goes under examination in this project to take on what’s actually a fairly dysfunctional system within America’s democracy.

Filthy Rich (FOX, 9:00pm EST) — Kim Cattrall returns to TV in a super-soapy turn. She stars as a mega-rich Southern widow who learns that her late husband fathered three illegitimate children and included them in his will. This week, Margaret attempts to reconcile the situation while also capitalizing upon things for herself.

Manhunt: Deadly Games (CBS, 10:00pm EST) — This week, the true-crime anthology series (that chronicles the manhunt involved with the Richard Jewell scandal) digs into the firestorm created by the FBI’s “hero-bomber” theory going public. You’ve heard the story of the fallout from the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, now witness the TV dramatization (as opposed to the sensationalized movie version) of one of the most complex manhunts on U.S. soil.

The Third Day (HBO, 9:00pm EST) — Jude Law and Naomie Harris star in this series. He’s playing Sam, who’s fighting for his life in this episode after finding out his secret connection and fearing the islanders’ intentions for him. It sounds stressful but like a thrilling distraction for sure.