What’s On Tonight: Whatever It Is, It’s Not as Cool as Extreme Pogo Sticking

12.21.11 8 years ago 11 Comments

Before we get to the list of reruns and leftovers, check out how surprisingly bad ass pogo sticking is in the above video. Who knew? I just thought it was for dorks with propeller hats.

American Horror Story (F/X) — After the pilot, I honestly didn’t think Ryan Murphy could stretch the premise into a full season. I’m still skeptical about what he could possibly do in a second season (short of bringing in an entirely new family), but this season has been surprisingly good, especially the last three episodes. Hopefully, tonight’s finale will give us a clue about next season’s direction.

Top Chef (Bravo) — This season of “Top Chef” has its own version of Survivor’s Redemption Island, where eliminated contestants compete on “Last Chance Kitchen,” which you can watch online. Last week, Nyesha got totally effed by Dakota in the double elimination, but the good news is, Nyesha did win “Last Chance Kitchen,” so she’s not been completely eliminated yet.

This Is Justin Bieber (TLC) — It’s not bad enough that TLC exploits geeks, midgets, Muslims, and beauty-pageant toddlers, now they’re airing one-hour specials about Justin Bieber. TLC: You really are the worst.

A Game of Honor (Showtime) — A two-hour special following the players of the United States Military Academy and the United States Naval Academy as they prepare for their annual Army/Navy game. You know, in case you want to satisfy your football craving and fulfill your patriotic duty at the same time.

Sons of Guns: I’ve never heard of this reality show about a business that manufactures and sells custom weapons, but tonight they’re featuring a flamethrower cannon, the perfect holiday gift for the mass murderer in your family.

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