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jill-wagnerWipeout (ABC) — If I had any notion of what’s newsworthy, I’d be leading with the premiere of “The Real World” or “The Philanthropist.” Instead, here’s a picture of Jill Wagner from “Wipeout” (click for bigger).  I’m shallow!

The Philanthropist (NBC) — This eight-episode summer series is about a super-rich guy who goes to Africa and does nice things for poor people.  Word on the street: eh.

The Real World: Cancun (MTV) — At last, the 22nd season finally begins.  If you must watch, please put condoms over your eyes.  You can never be too safe these days.

I Survived a Japanese Game Show (ABC) — I’d rather see a show about World War II vets called “I Survived a Japanese Machine Gun Emplacement.”

Monsters Inside Me (Animal Planet) — Series premiere takes a closer look at dangerous parasites.  The monsters inside me tell me to strangle hobos.

Extreme Wild Parties (Travel) — Not featured: me having a fourth glass of bourbon while I check my email at 11:00 p.m.

Tattoo Highway (A&E) — Yup, nothin’ speaks to the grandeur of the American frontier like gettin’ a tattoo on the open road.  It’s Kerouac for a new generation.

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