What’s On Tonight: FX On Hulu Dominates With ‘Y: The Last Man’ And ‘Reservation Dogs’

Y: The Last Man (FX on Hulu) — The acclaimed graphic novel gets its due as a dystopian TV drama starring Diane Lane as the globe’s de facto president. Her son becomes, as the title suggests, the very last man on Earth following an apocalyptic event that pretty much obliterates the Y chromosome. FX recently made it known that although the Y appears to refer to the chromosome, the show will take a nuanced approach and not operate on a merely gender-binary level. It also won’t adhere to the biological definition of gender and, instead, will also represent trans characters in accordance with a GLAAD collaboration and a clear affirmation (as showrunner Eliza Clark recently declared) “that trans women are women, trans men are men, nonbinary people are nonbinary, and that is part of the sort of richness of the world we get to play with.”

Reservation Dogs: (FX on Hulu) — Taika Waititi’s FX on Hulu followup to What We Do in the Shadows brings us a comedy series that’s co-written by Native American filmmaker Sterlin Harjo. Yes, the lead quartet in this show rocks suits that look strikingly similar to the characters of Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs, yet they’re four Indigenous teens who fight crime and also commit it. The show (which has some Atlanta vibes) was shot in and near Okmulgee, Oklahoma. This week, Elora Danan, uh, takes her driver’s test. A little late?

Roswell, New Mexico (CW, 8:00pm) — Maria’s enlightened by new information and Liz is looking for help while two others team up to rescue Max.

Late Night With Seth Meyers — Sarah Paulson, Machine Gun Kelly, José Medeles

In case you missed these weekend picks:

Lucifer: The Final Season (Netflix series) — The Devil is back for one last dance-of-a-rodeo in Season 6, and naturally, Lucifer Morningstar is still a total pain in the tush, and you’ll love him for it. Fortunately, he’s no longer attempting to be a detective. Lucifer is now God (don’t ask), and if he doesn’t get with the new program, he’s liable to trigger the apocalypse of all apocalypses. This is one last, fan-requested hurrah for a Netflix-resurrected series, and Neil Gaiman’s creation will live on in fans’ hearts and, most likely while resolving that Unresolved Sexual Tension, their pants as well.

Kate (Netflix film) — Granted, this movie sounds a whole lot like Crank (those infamous Jason Statham flicks), but it’s got Mary Elizabeth Winstead kicking enormous ass, so are we really complaining about derivative stories here? Nope. Here, Winstead stars as the title character, who’s taking revenge upon a criminal organization after being poisoned and only having 24 hours to live. Woody Harrelson’s also on board here, and let’s hope that Kate gains some vengeance against her killers before the clock expires.