What's On Tonight: You Just Had to Ask, Didn't You?

03.28.12 6 years ago 12 Comments

Whitney/Bent (NBC) — The poor ratings for NBC’s “Bent” have been doubly painful because 1) it means the show has no chance of renewal, and 2) the ratings for “Whitney” look favorable by comparison, and it’s now moved into the toss-up category for renewal. My advice: NBC SHOULD renew it, and simply recast Whitney Cummings with Whitney Matheson, the cutie from USA Today’s Pop Candy. Tonight’s season (series? Please!) finale does guest star Mr. Eyebrow himself, Peter Gallagher. As for “Bent”? Watch because it’s an entertaining hour (it’s back-to-back episodes again), not because you have any hope of seeing the story through.

Psych (USA) — French Stewart guest stars in tonight’s episode of “Psych,” although there’s no way he can top his appearance on “Community” last week as a French Stewart lookalike.

Happy Endings (ABC) — One more night of ABC comedies in which “Happy Endings” is the only fresh episode, as it is being burned off to make room for “Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23.” Don’t worry: “Happy Endings” is a shoo-in for renewal. It has crazy syndication money written all over it.

Survivor (CBS) — I was not sad to see Colton medically evacuated last week, although it leaves the show with no real villain, just a bunch of idiots. You think the producers manipulate the show to save certain, popular cast members? I wonder if that’s why they moved to a merge this season earlier than I believe they ever have.

South Park (Comedy Central) — Tonight’s episode takes a shot at the GOP Debates and, apparently, Faith Hill.

LATE NIGHT LISTINGS: Chris Elliot is going to be on Letterman. Old-schoolers may remember him as a former writer on the show, eater of wet dog food, star of Cabin Boy, and the lead in “Get a Life,” a show that I so wanted to include in my list of the 10 Best Shows in the Fox Network’s 25 Year History. Meanwhile, 80s pop star turned Playboy Centerfold (Google it) Debbie Gibson will be on Leno, Kimmel has his old pal Adam Carolla on, Fallon has Aziz Ansari, and Colbert has an unusually good guest on tonight, Mark Ruffalo.

Finally, for sharts and cackles, after the jump, I give you the worst commercial ever made. Dude on the left doesn’t even try. I mean, I know it’s a local commercial and all, but come on, man, at least MAKE AN EFFORT.

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