02.18.10 8 years ago 16 Comments

LA Ink (TLC) — Winter premiere (show’s been on hiatus since October). Kat von D is basically the Painted Lady at the state fair, yet she doesn’t even crack the Top 50 of TLC’s Biggest Freaks.

Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) — As a challenge to myself, and to make sure I wasn’t being unfair to the show, I forced myself to watch the last 25 minutes of this last week. I won’t make that mistake again. Holy crap this show sucks out loud. It is every bit the saccharine mini-chick flick I always call it.

Burn Notice (USA) — A “burn notice” is what I send you after I call your mom a whore in a new and inventive way.

Archer (FX) — “I’ll scrape all your mishaps into a pile and knit a onesie for it.”

Important Things with Demetri Martin (Comedy Central) — I haven’t said much about the new season so far, and it’s kind of a crime that I didn’t do a post about Bruce the Funny Dog. If you didn’t see the skit when it aired, watch it below.

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