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Bones (Fox) — Yesterday there was civil war in the comments as people threw down over which Deschanel sister was hotter. I used to be a die-hard Zooey man, but I think learning about her diet when she was a guest judge on “Top Chef Masters” sent me over to the Emily side. Zooey’s a vegan, but she can’t eat soy or gluten — rabbits have more varied diets. So yeah, I think Emily’s my girl. I’m still not watching “Bones,” though.

L.A. Ink (TLC) — Season finale. Those of you who enjoy looking at Kat von D may also enjoy the delightful Tumblr blog Tits & Tatts (NSFW).

Private Practice (ABC) — Season premiere. What’s worse than CBS spinning off its cookie-cutter crime procedurals? ABC spinning off its detestable weekly medical chick flick.

Flash Forward (ABC) — So what do you think? Are you hooked? I haven’t decided whether or not I’m going to commit to this show. Unlike most people who write about TV, I try to keep limits on how many shows I watch.

Parks and Recreation (NBC) — It’s the second week with Louis C.K. as a guest star. I forgot he was on last week and didn’t watch. Dammit.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FX) — Every week during “Sunny” commercials, they keep showing great spots for the fantasy football sitcom “The League” (previously written about here), then I search YouTube and the FX website for some hint of it and I get nothing. It debuts in four weeks — c’mon FX, I want to give  you free advertising. Gimme something to work with here.

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