What’s On: Plenty of Wholesome, Nutritious Alcohol

07.01.10 8 years ago 4 Comments

Ace of Cakes (Food) — Season premiere. In the bold tradition of “Homicide” and “The Wire,” Duff Goldman’s “Ace of Cakes” shows the gritty world of Baltimore at its toughest.

Futurama (Comedy Central) — This gets the banner photo only because I found this wonderful picture of Bender. Otherwise it would have been some kind of “Ace of Cakes”/”The Wire” Photoshop, and that would have been time-consuming and possibly stupid. Because I don’t think I’ve got the skill to depict Omar shooting up a cake shop.

Pranked (MTV) — It’s like “Punk’d,” but without Ashton Kutcher and spelled correctly.

Boston Med (ABC) — This is supposedly pretty watchable, but I try to minimize how much time I spend watching ABC. I’m not in a Nielsen home, but I want to be prepared just in case I am someday.

Rookie Blue (ABC) — Of all the network dramas to debut this summer, “Grey’s P.D.” is the only one to get a significant audience: the first episode had seven million viewers. That’s twice the number of the most-watched episode of “Mad Men.”

100 Questions (NBC) — I kinda feel sorry for this show: surrounded by repeats, and forever doomed to live in the shadow of the example set by “Seinfeld,” which also had a summer debut. Of course, I’d probably have less sympathy if I watched it and didn’t like it.

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