What’s The Deal With The ‘Seinfeld’ Emoji? They’re Available On iTunes Now.

Senior Writer
07.21.14 9 Comments

Some of us eternal Seinfeld fans were a little concerned that the emoji based on the show’s iconic characters were going to end up being some kind of cruel prank, seeing as the guys who created the idea are the same jokesters behind the Seinfeld Current Day Twiiter account. But sure enough, with a quick and free download from iTunes, the Seinfeld emoji are ready to be loaded on to your phones and tablets so that you can spend the bulk of your day sending random meaningless messages to your friends, all because you want to see what it looks like when Little Jerry Seinfeld stands next to a box of Today sponges.

There are no reviews in for the app just yet, but the over/under on amount of times that people comment “They’re real and they’re spectacular” is currently predicted to be a zillion and a half.

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