What’s On Tonight: Rejoice, ‘Parks And Recreation’ AND ‘Eagleheart’ Are Back

11.14.13 6 years ago 26 Comments

Parks and Recreation (NBC, 8 p.m.) — Everybody celebrate.

Glee (Fox, 9 p.m.) — Been too long since your last Glee hate? “The club learns how to twerk.” There you go.

Scandal (ABC, 10 p.m.) — “Everything’s Coming Up Mellie”? Don’t tell Donna.

Elementary (CBS, 10 p.m.) — “A beautiful woman with ties to a billionaire CEO is murdered.” I can so relate to that.

@Midnight (Comedy Central, 12 a.m.) — If you ever wanted to check out Chris Hardwick’s 47th show, you could do much worse than having Paul Scheer, Tom Lennon, and Doug Benson be the guests.

Eagleheart (Adult Swim, 12 a.m.) — Season premiere. YES. Eagleheart‘s the best. Chris Elliott >>> Chris Hardwick.

LATE NIGHT GUESTS: Claire Danes and Will Forte on Letterman; Craig Ferguson and Jaimie Alexander on Leno; Sarah Silverman and Charlie Wilson on Kimmel; Donald Sutherland and Casey Wilson on Ferguson; Damian Lewis, Steve Coogan, and Sheryl Crow on Fallon; Melissa McCarthy and Chris Elliott on Conan; Geoffrey Rush on Stewart; and Alexis Ohanian on Colbert.

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