When Will We See More Of ‘The Man In The High Castle?’

When it first arrived on Amazon, The Man in the High Castle was the pilot we recommended that you watch right away. We weren’t the only ones, as Amazon just announced.

According to the company, The Man in The high Castle was their most-watched pilot of all time, and we’ll now be getting a full season of it. For those who didn’t watch it, it’s a series about what would have happened if the Axis had won the war and split America down the middle. The Nazis control the Eastern Seaboard, the Japanese the West Coast, and there’s a neutral zone centered on the Rockies.

The pilot itself sets up quite a few plotlines within that concept, though. Nobody on this show is really what they seem, and central to all of this is just who the title character actually is, and why he’s putting together newsreels of an Allied victory in World War II. We’ll be curious to see the answer when the series debuts sometime next year.