Which HBO Series Will Become A Telltale Game Next?

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12.10.13 18 Comments


It was pretty much the biggest news of the VGAs, VGXs, eh, whatever, it was big news this weekend that Telltale Games was making Game Of Thrones into one of their branching adventure games. But apparently there’s a lot more in the works than just Telltale trying to turn medieval humping into a video game.

The press release on the game has accidentally let it slip that this isn’t a one-off deal. Instead it’s a “multi-year, multi-title” arrangement. True, HBO could just be confident that a Game of Thrones video game will do really well, but it seems more likely we’ll be seeing more series adapted. Which raises the question… which ones?

True Blood

The obvious winner here is True Blood; it’s got vampires, it’s got nudity, and it’s fairly within the corporate comfort zone for this kind of thing. It also has a strong fan base of nerds/people who want to see the cast naked, so it’ll probably sell well.

Boardwalk Empire

Get the shaving minigame jokes out of your system, first. We good? OK then!

Again, this seems a natural fit. It’s true that the showrunner wants to move on to his next HBO series, but Boardwalk Empire‘s storylines and overall feel make it something squarely in Telltale’s wheelhouse, especially as it would help the company stretch a bit away from pure fantasy games.


Really, this should already be happening. Sure, the show is more beloved by critics than by audiences, but that’s mostly because it’s honest about what politics are like; just like Parks And Recreation is sometimes the most painfully accurate and concise depiction of local politics ever filmed, Veep is hilariously honest about how dysfunctional national politics are. And since half the fun of the show is finding out what profoundly awful thing the cast will say next, this game would have a lot of replay value.


Telltale could do quite a lot with this show, especially since there’s apparently another four seasons of episodes sitting in a drawer somewhere. We want some resolution, dammit!

Sex and the City

Gotcha. Actually, we were thinking more along the lines of…

The Wire

While it seems unlikely David Simon would sign off on this, one would hope he’d be intrigued by the idea of exploring urban difficulties and the failures of city institutions through a new art form. And Telltale is notable for throwing curveballs; they followed up The Walking Dead with a game based on Fables, after all. Also, it might involve Idris Elba. It’s a proven fact that everything’s better with Elba.

We’ll be curious to see how accurate we are. Either way, it seems like Telltale has a lot on its plate; just try to hit your release dates, guys.

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