Which Of These 5 TV Guest Stars Are You Most Excited About?

12.20.12 5 years ago 12 Comments

Cool guest stars are always showing up on TV shows, but it’s usually not enough to warrant an entire post on its own. But FIVE news stories about guest stars? ROUND UP! Here’s who you have to look forward to seeing in two shows you watch, one show you should watch, one show you’ve probably seen, and another that’s probably been piling up on your DVR for three months.

David Faustino — The man best known as Bud Bundy will be reunited … sort of .. with his Married with Children co-star, Ed O’Neil, in an episode of Modern Family. Faustino will play a highly successful classmate of Claire’s that she meets up with at a high-school reunion, ironic in that Faustino is the only Bundy NOT to come out of Married with Children with a successful career. Alas, he will not actually share any scenes with O’Neil. However, if they can get Anthrax to play at the high-school reunion, I will NEVER speak another ill word about Manny again.

Jason Schwartzman — The Wes Anderson regular and star of HBO’s cancelled Bored to Death, Schwartzman will appear on Parks and Recreation as “Dennis Lerpiss, the owner of the town’s only independent-movie video store who joins forces with Leslie to try to get his slumping business classified as a historical landmark.” How adorable. Small towns in the midwest are the only places left with video stores.

Chad Michael Murray — The One Tree Hill star will sully one of my favorite dramas on television, Southland, as a free-spirited LAPD officer with a cop stache’. He’ll appear in the first two episodes of the next season. I’d be more skeptical but for the fact that the show has done a fairly remarkable job of making has-beens Shawn Hatosy, Ben McKenzie, C. Thomas Howell, and Tom Everett Scott somewhat relevant again by extracting strong performances out of them. Here’s what Murray will look like.

Rose McGowan — McGowan has seen better days, and her career has kind of hit a tailspin since her break-up with Robert Rodriguez and the unraveling of two remakes, Barbarella and Red Sonja. She has been reduced to a guest role on Once Upon a Time as a younger version of the Evil Queen’s evil mom Cora (Barbara Hershey) in a flashback. Yeah. The star of Planet Terror will be the featured player in a mediocre fantasy drama’s flashback.

Bradley Whitford — The West Wing alum will join his Studio 60 co-star, Matthew Perry, in Go On. No details have been specified on who he will play, but if the episode ends with “Under Pressure,” I will end up watching Go On a year longer than I should. I am a total sucker for the use of that song.

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