Who Did Negan Invite Into His Car On ‘The Walking Dead’?


In the closing minutes of this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, “Still Gotta Mean Something,” Negan — having been freed by Jadis — is driving back toward the Savior compound when he drives alongside someone on the side of the road. “Holy hell. If sh*t could sh*t, it still wouldn’t look as sh*tty as you,” Negan says to the unknown person. “Get in.” The episode, however, keeps the identity of Negan’s passenger a secret, something for fans to speculate upon until next week’s penultimate episode of the season.

We think we know who it is, however. We have three theories, one unlikely and the other more probable.

The improbable theory is that Negan’s passenger is Sherry, one of Negan’s wives (and Dwight’s former partner), who escaped from the Savior compound after releasing Daryl. We haven’t seen her since last season, but Dwight made a passing reference to her in a recent episode. The fact that she is one of the few unaccounted for characters on the series would make her the most surprising reveal in the next episode.

However, it’s almost certainly not her. Negan probably wouldn’t have invited Sherry into his car, and even if he had, Sherry would have run, fearing that Negan would kill her for abandoning the Saviors. I also don’t think he’d describe her as someone who looks like sh*t if sh*t could sh*t.

More likely, the unknown passenger is Gregory. After Gregory escaped with the other Savior hostages on The Hilltop, there’d only be one place he could go, even if he wouldn’t be completely welcome by The Saviors. Plus, all the other Savior hostages have been accounted for — they either stayed behind at The Hilltop, or Rick and Morgan killed them. That leaves only Gregory, otherwise unseen in this week’s episode.

Moreover, saying that he looks “sh*tty” is exactly the sort of thing that Negan would say to Gregory, and he’d also be quick to invite him into his car because Gregory would have intelligence on Maggie, on The Hilltop, and on Simon’s attempt to destroy The Hilltop. In fact, given Negan’s potential change of heart where it concerns the All Out War after his near death experience with Jadis, Negan might be able to use Gregory to help negotiate a peace with The Hilltop, or even use him to gain knowledge from Simon before Negan disposes of him.


The final theory? There’s one surviving Savior, Laura, that knows that Dwight took out all of those Saviors a few episodes back. Laura escaped and would look like “sh*t.” She knows that Dwight is playing for the other side. If Negan knows that, it’s going to create a hell of a problem for Dwight when Negan gets back in the Savior compound. It would also explain why Negan doesn’t want anyone inside to know he’s back.

We’ll find out exactly who it is when The Walking Dead returns next week with its second to last episode.