Who Ice-T, Indeed

There’s a lot of TV news floating around right now. There’s Ashley Judd absolutely eviscerating everyone who made jokes about her face being “puffy” (and Lindy West’s excellent take on the whole thing). There’s Kristen Wiig’s will-she-or-won’t-she-leave-SNL lambada. There’s Dr. Phil being a jackass. There’s Melissa Gilbert being rushed to the hospital after her performance on “Dancing with the Stars.” Hell, there’s even Lisa Rinna doing adult diaper commercials for charity.

But all that takes a backseat to this woman. I could fill you all in on the circumstances behind her risking a substantial chunk of money in Final Jeopardy last night and then responding with “Who Ice-T,” but I think it’s better if I just let the picture speak for itself. We’ve all been there.

image via @dhm