Who Is the Better Singer? Ron Swanson or This Headbanging Cockatoo?

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06.18.12 3 Comments

Over on FunnyorDie, Nick Offerman and Craig Robinson continue their amusing Cubs/White Sox feud for New Era caps, and it’s now devolved into a painful singing competition. As Robinson correctly notes, in this video, Ron Swanson sounds “like a donkey being touched inappropriately.” How bad is it? I think Swanson gets owned by a headbanging cockatoo rocking out to AC/DC on YouTube.

Warbling Swanson, or hardcore bird? Who ya got?

Swanson gets the mustache nod, but the cockatoo gets 10 bonus points for Outstanding Performance in a Trailer Home. Winner: The Cockatoo.

(Bird via Buzzfeed)

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