Who Should Play Mr. Rogers In The Mr. Rogers Movie?

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05.02.13 42 Comments

While you’re pondering the headline, here are the specifics.

TV icon Fred Rogers is the subject of A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, a Alexis Jolly spec script that has sold to Justin Nappi and Kevin Turen’s Treehouse Pictures. Nappi and Turen will produce with Treehouse’s Juliet Berman co-producing. Specific details on the storyline are being kept under wraps. (Via)

The producers obviously must cast the perfect actor to fit into Mr. Rogers’ too-tight sweaters, or else they face the wrath of millions of stunted adolescents and/or model train enthusiasts. We have some suggestions.

Zachary Quinto, though he might be a bit too I’m-going-to-wear-your-child’s-face-as-a-mask.

Just have to add makeup to Lee. Both tall and lanky. Worst case scenario:

(Mr. R’s got a Clooney vibe in that photo.) Best case scenario:

It’s gotta be Ty. But the best BEST case scenario:

Though I say that about every film. Who do you think should play him?

(Via Deadline)

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