Which ‘The Walking Dead’ Character Is Most Likely To Die This Season?

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10.12.17 2 Comments

The eighth season of The Walking Dead kicks off on October 22nd, less than two weeks from now. Andrew Lincoln has already promised “big deaths” in the upcoming season, and Lennie James has warned us that at least one “beloved character” will be killed off this season. Season 8 is the All Out War, so it’s safe to assume that a lot of characters will die. Mostly, however, it will be lower-tier characters or one of the many redshirts in The Kingdom and the Hilltop Colony, or most of Negan’s henchman.

However, there will be some losses among major characters, as well. Who is the most likely to die? Let’s place odds:

(Warning: There are some comics spoilers)

Rick (100-1) — “No one is safe,” Robert Kirkman likes to remind viewers of The Walking Dead, and he always includes Rick among those who are not safe. In fact, he recently stated that Rick will die before the end of The Walking Dead‘s run. “It could happen any time between now and 50 years from now,” he said. But it won’t happen now. Or even in the eighth season, because we’ve seen the flash-forward of Old Man Rick in the season eight trailer. That happens after the All Out War, so at the very least, he’s going to survive this season.

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