Ten Pressing Questions We Have Going Into ‘The Walking Dead’ Season Finale

The penultimate episode of this season of The Walking Dead, “East,” continued to upset viewers with another death scare, as the season meandered its way toward the arrival of Negan in the 90-minute season finale. The episode set the stage for Negan, but it also delivered some more possibly terrifying news for Maggie and Glenn and maybe, hopefully, set up the end of Carol’s frustrating season-long storyline.

We have a lot of questions after last night’s finale. Here are the most pressing.

1. Is Carol back?

It’s hard to say. She still gets upset over killing, but maybe she finally realizes the value in it. It was good to see the old, badass Carol, though, and the Carol that kills when she has to is what the show desperately needs.

The confrontation between Carol and the Saviors also demonstrated at least one thing (besides the fact that Carol is a helluva seamstress): The Saviors know exactly where Alexandria is. In fact, they’ve clearly visited the front gates because they know about the zombies with spikes through them in the cars out front.